Women's Workshops and Events

I have nurtured my passion in all things related to Sex, Pain, Pee, Poo, Pregnancy, Pelvic Floor, Pleasure and Periods. All those taboo subjects we really ought to be talking about more. 

The female body and anatomy is incredible. There is so much women still need to learn about their bodies and are too embarrassed to talk about or even seek out help about when things go wrong. 

Too many times I've heard that peeing/ leaking after pregnancy is normal and that's  just how it is. This is WRONG. That is never and should never be considered as normal. Let me teach you all about YOU and your body!

Did you know, that women's genitals are actually called the VULVA (the face)  and not the VAGINA (birth / sexual canal)? Its like calling our face a nose. 

Did you know, men have 4000 nerve endings in their penis versus the 8000 in the female clitoris? 

I love empowering women through knowledge. 

I've talked at Women's Workshops and yoga teacher training's.


If you'd like me to talk at your event book below: