Bladder Habits you should know about!

An important part of regaining your health is understanding how your body and in this case your bladder works.

This is what your bladder looks like:

Your bladder and your brain are connected!

Here is how. Imagine your bladder is like a balloon filled with water.

As it fills, it slowly expands. As it expands, stretch receptors in the bladder walls are “stretched”. These stretch receptors send messages to your brain.

As your bladder continues to fill, the stretch receptors start sending stronger and faster messages to your brain. As you empty, the reverse happens.

There is a right and wrong way to go to the bathroom.

Here are some magic tips:

-DRINK ENOUGH WATER. Start sipping water throughout the day. Sometimes when struggling with urgency or frequency, we tend to not drink enough which leads to concentrated urine. This then irritates the bladder.

-AVOID drinking before bed. Stop drinking about 2 hours before bed, this will get rid of your nighttime weed.

-REDUCE your alcohol, coffee, carbonated drinks, as well as spicy and acidic flood. These are known as bladder irritants and can cause urinary urgency.

-STOP hovering! This causes your pelvic floor muscles to clench and prevents full emptying.

-STOP seeing “just in case”. This causes your bladder to increase urgency and to “shrink”.

-LISTEN to your bladder, once you hold your wee too long you can overstretch your bladder. Be sure your bladder is full.

-STOP Pushing to wee, you are straining your muscles!

-RELAX and LET GO when you wee.

There are always ways to improve your bladder habits. It is important to remember that your bladder has taken weeks, months, and even years to establish its bad habits. It always takes time, and patience to turn bad habits into good ones.

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